About Us

About us

Hi, I’m Ron Escoffery

I’m old enough, and have the financial independence necessary, to retire
comfortably, but I refuse to let the lessons I’ve learned go to waste. Why
should you start from scratch and make the same mistakes I did, when I
could help you avoid that slow, painful path?

Achieving Financial Freedom and Wealth

Yes, you read that right. I have made mistakes. I have failed more than once. If I hadn’t, how could I help you avoid those same failures? There is no greater teacher than failure. You don’t need to fear failure; it’s part of life. But that doesn’t mean that your road to success has to include those same mistakes and failures. By learning from those who have already walked the path ahead of you, you can avoid many, if not all, of those pitfalls, reaching your goals even faster than I did.

My background, like many, was rooted in poverty. It was the lack of opportunities and security in my youth that fueled my desire for wealth. I wanted a better life for myself and my family, and I achieved that dream. My life is full of the things I love most: my beautiful wife of 46 years, a spunky,
2-year-old granddaughter who has us both wrapped around her little fingers (we call her The Boss Lady), travel, golf, music, dancing and sipping on glasses of Bordeaux.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I thrive on the fast-paced energy of the city, but I also
love the exhilaration of gliding across the water under a wind-filled sail.
Sailing has become my passion. Each time I go out on the water, I learn more
about how to manage the power of the wind to take you where
you want to go.

Eventually, I will take sailing lessons so that I can take a boat out on my own. When I do, I will choose a sailing instructor with years of personal sailing experience. I want to learn from someone who can guide me in sailing through rough waters, as well as calm seas, someone who has already experienced the biggest challenges of sailing a boat and can steer me clear
of making the same mistakes. As your guide on the journey to financial independence, I offer you that same level of practical advice, based on my own personal experience.

Your Financial Mentor and Coach

Although I have an MBA in Finance and a BA in Business, it is the education of real-life
experience in business that has enabled me to reach my wealth goals. It is the wisdom gained
through those experiences – both the failures and the successes – that I want to share with you
as your mentor and coach.

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Let’s get to know one another. Maybe we can share a Bordeaux soon!

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