Everyone Faces Financial Challenges…

Before becoming a financial coach, I faced the same struggles that many regularly battle in their own lives on a daily basis. I know the struggle because I’ve lived it. I began to feel like nothing was working until, finally, something did. My strategy is’t just working for me, it’s been proving consistently effective for numerous others, as well. Now, I’ve finally found the financial stability and success I’ve sought after for so long, and you can too. If you’re ready to learn, I’m ready to teach you.


Ron Escoffery Coaching & Mentoring teaches you how to manage your money, invest, live well and become financially independent…even if you are deep in debt and you see no end in sight!

Who I Work With

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed individuals who make a good living, yet struggle with debt, have little or no savings and are beginning to worry about their financial future.

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The “Why” Behind What I Do

I have seen many people I know, including my own parents, struggle financially during their senior years. They never planned it that way. They just assumed the money would be there, even though they never created a plan to make that happen. Entrepreneurs and the self-employed always feel that way – Money will be there! I thought that too. The truth is – it WON’T. That’s why I want to help you create that plan.


  • You don’t need to give a “Guru” $30,000 of your hard-earned money to learn how to achieve financial independence.
  • There is no “secret sauce” for building wealth. Taking action on available knowledge IS the secret sauce!
  • You have the motivation you need; you just need to learn the “How” to living well!
  • The old ways of building wealth (stock market, 401K, etc.) are obsolete. Real Estate Investing – done


  • Assist you in gaining the knowledge that will teach you “How Money Works,” so money is your slave and you are its master.
  • Develop a strategic, step-by-step financial life plan, custom-designed for you alone.
  • To serve as your mentor, your friend and advisor as you climb the ladder of success.
  • To release you into a life of living well, now, and far in the future!

There is no MAGIC FORMULA for making money and creating financial security


We start our business to provide for our family, to create and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, send our children to college, enjoy vacations in exotic places, never worry about money and retire whenever we want to. Wasn’t that your dream? It was my dream too! Along the way, I discovered:

  • There is no magic formula for building wealth
  • Building wealth takes time and requires specific knowledge
  • There is a method that works…if done right!


    With an MBA in Finance and years of experience in the financial industry, I “thought” I knew how to manage money. I didn’t.

    Sometimes we have the right answers; we’re just asking the wrong questions.

    Until this pillar is firmly established, the other two pillars will remain weak and unstable.

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    How long would your savings last if you had no income coming in?

    Not long enough, right?

    I did it. You can to.

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    We all know that trading hours for dollars is a dead-end street. You need to invest your money into something with a good ROI.

    Real estate investments can require minimal capital for a good ROI, once you learn how to play the game.

    Even many real estate agents don’t truly understand the keys to success in this area.

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